Shinning Sun Cooperative

With the help of the divine path and the help of the Ahlul Bayt, infallibility and purity, and with the aim of creating joy and hope among the large family, Isfahan Property and Deeds Registration Organization with legitimate financial support for a better future and without the worries of colleagues and collective wisdom in the province Leap of production and expansion of resistance economy In March 2016, Aftab Taban Isfahan Production Cooperative was registered with registration number 62020.

Construction of a greenhouse

Construction of 4 hectares of greenhouse at the right time, which caused 40% of Rial savings in currency and rial fluctuations in 1399, the executive steps of the said greenhouse with 90% physical progress are underway.

Hydroponic forage production

Allocation of 2000 square meters of land, in the first phase of which 200 square meters for the production of hydroponic fodder (the mentioned device in the amount of 15 billion rials) has been purchased in installments.

Buy a conversion industry machine

Purchase of conversion industry machine (industrial dryer with complete system) in the amount of 25 billion Rials in installments (500 square meters of land allocated for the use of the said machine).

Buy 340 livestock

Buy 340 light livestock worth 12 billion rials                       

Buy a 50 ton refrigerator

Buy 50 ton refrigerator, 3 sheds for 4 vehicles

Buy seeds

Buy bell peppers, lettuce, broccoli, corn and paprika seeds.


News And Events

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